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Our RICK team members help clients and communities transform dreams into realities. A career with RICK provides opportunities to work with and learn from experts and leaders in the industry to shape community futures while developing your career at the same time. With a unique internal company culture and a long history of exceptional service for our clients, Team RICK makes a difference in communities and in careers. Learn more and start your journey today!

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At RICK, our team members are our heart and soul. Since starting as a family business more than 65 years ago, we have proudly maintained our close-knit, people-oriented company culture, even thorough growth and expansion. Our unique focus on the personal and professional development of our team members illustrates why we have one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry.

The RICK open-door policy for staff at all levels empowers individuals in our company to share their own experiences, perspectives, ideas, and unique points of view. An innovative take on high performance and optimal interaction, RICK’s customized Cultural Habits program provides employees with valuable insights and techniques for relationships, listening, communicating, and more, setting them up for success. Our RICK Activities Committee drives our connection, fun, and service with events, parties, and community service initiatives.

We emphasize the importance of a rich, supportive, and unique culture because it defines who we are, how we work, how we interact, how we succeed, and how we thrive—together.

Grow with RICK

Investing in the growth of our team members stands as a key value for RICK. We provide an abundance of mentoring, knowledge-sharing, training, and other learning opportunities for staff to develop in their careers and as individuals. Our RICK Academy is a robust, multidisciplinary training program designed to support employee professional development, enhance our offerings to clients, and serve as a center of excellence for the industry. This internal university establishes a forum to share cutting-edge trends, technology, leadership practices, and much more.

Follow Your Passions with RICK

At RICK, we are passionate about creating resilient communities and infrastructure, providing superior value to our clients and rewarding work for our talented team members. Therefore, we foster an environment driven by people, passion, expertise, and teamwork. We encourage all our staff to embrace interests, ideas, and creativity to deliver extraordinary solutions while experiencing fulfillment and excitement in their work at the same time.

Embrace Inclusion with RICK

We all come together as a team, both professionally and personally. RICK creates and values a culture of inclusion, embracing both our similarities and differences, because they all strengthen our collective growth and success. In turn, we also enhance our ability to serve diverse communities and provide holistic, innovative solutions. Establishing and maintaining valued, lasting relationships both internally and externally through an inclusive lens benefits everything we do and everyone we work with.


Benefit with RICK

RICK truly cares about the well-being of our staff, so we offer a wide range of benefit opportunities. In addition to our cultural and career development benefits, we provide competitive salaries and a full range of personal benefits, including paid leave, paid holidays, retirement benefits, insurance packages, a flexible benefits program, tuition reimbursement, and more.

The RICK Experience

"I come to work everyday knowing I’ll work on challenging and demanding projects that require innovative, timely, and cost effective solutions. RICK’s culture and leadership empower me to deliver on those challenges and demands."

- Shavger Rekani

"I am grateful to be working for a multidisciplinary firm where I have the opportunity to work on civil and traffic engineering projects and have a chance to collaborate with employees from multiple departments on a regular basis."

- Aida Edgington, PE, TE

"Henry Ford said, "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." In my experience, this is the attitude that permeates the company culture at RICK."

- Mark Fellinger, PLA

"Every day, I am surrounded by talented, brilliant people. I am excited about their passion, effort, and energy. I admire how we have caring, giving individuals and work for a company that supports each employee and gives back to the community. But most importantly, RICK is FAMILY. I am happy to have called this place my home for over 25 years."

- Edgar Camerino, PE

"All community members depend on our work, every day, for everything they do—that is gratifying. Also, people drive RICK. Our culture drives client success. And client success makes us all happy. I'm 25 years in; here is to another 25 years working at a great organization!"

- Brian Laird, RLS

“It is so fulfilling to be part of an organization that values great customer service and recognizes the importance of commitment and hard work.”

- Mike While, PE
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  • Importance & Impact of Our Work
  • Mentorship
  • Value of Commitment
  • Company Culture
  • Customer Service Focus
  • Expertise & Integrity
  • Career Development Opportunities
  • Longevity
  • Talented & Dedicated Team Members
  • Community Service
  • Family-Like, Inclusive Environment
  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Innovative Solutions
  • RICK Academy
  • Fun Activities & Events
  • Variety of Work
  • Learning
  • Empowerment from Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Pride in Client Success
  • Challenges
  • Passion
  • Importance of Hard Work
  • Lasting Relationships

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