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Accurate Data for Better Decision-Making

RICK’s Reality Capture Department leverages state-of-art 3D laser scanning (LiDAR) and photogrammetry technology and expertise to provide clients exceptionally accurate virtual datasets and models. Our processes produce “Digital Twins” or 2D or 3D CAD/Revit models that are accessible and useful for Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes, detailed site topography, and spatial coordination among project stakeholders (owners, architects, engineers, and contractors), allowing them to safely and efficiently test and verify design concepts without having to be on site.

Understanding Existing Conditions for Excellent Results

Our 3D laser scanners collect millions of points-per-second to produce an extremely dense, accurate collection of individual measurements known as a “point cloud”—with a positional accuracy of 4-6mm. Our scans measure existing building interiors and exteriors, interstitial spaces, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, pipe networks, construction sites, construction progress, bridges, historical sites, topography, and more.

Our Reality Capture Services

RICK offers a full suite of innovative 3D laser scanning services, including the following:

Aerial Photogrammetry & LiDAR Services

RICK's photogrammetry team serves as an integral part of our preliminary design process. The photogrammetry department uses both high- and low-altitude aerial imagery and LiDAR to capture and compile topographic mapping for a variety of applications, including subdivision design, right-of-way mapping, landfill mapping, hydrographic surveys, pre- and post-construction mapping, and generation of high-resolution orthophotos. Our photogrammetry services include the following:

RICK’s reality capture services also include a remotely operated hydrographic survey boat, creating seamless ground models both above and below the water surface.


Reality Portal

RICK's Reality Portal provides a single location for your project’s digital data deliverables, giving the project team a central, secured location for project content. The Reality Portal consists of the following:

  • Project Navigator use this interactive index map to move around a project at any scale, turning on and off data layers of your project
  • 360° Photo Viewers – picture any location of your project
  • 3D Point Cloud Navigators fly through your project using common web browsers
  • File Sharing, File Syncing, & File Collaboration Site – find all of your project’s digital files in a common location

The portal can grow and expand for your individual project or your entire facility. Typically, the first deliverable will be our set of web-based reality viewers. No CADD software or intense training is required to visualize the built world through scanning.

360° Panoramic Photo Viewer TruView is an interactive, 360° panoramic photo viewer, allowing planning level measurements from the perspective of each scan location. Think of it as your feet on the ground, not moving, while you are looking all around you. For a sample, click here. Direct access to the photo viewer is provided for each modeling project via Revit.

3D Point Cloud Navigator – Point Cloud Navigator is a 3D viewer enabling any user with a web browser to fly through, clip, and measure portions of the point cloud with its high level of detail, allowing you to visualize and study the project. For a sample, click here.

Viewers are accessed via a single sign-on, secure website. These hosted web applications may be used with any modern web browser, tablet, or mobile device.


Reality Portal Login


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