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Construction & Industrial Stormwater Services

Industry Leader in Stormwater Compliance

RICK understands the enormous pressure our clients are under to maintain compliance with ever-changing regulations. RICK clients consistently rely upon our depth of knowledge to aid implementation of BMPs and provide alternatives to common BMPs. There are many ways to achieve compliance, and RICK has the experience to guide clients through the regulatory maze.

Water Quality Regulation Experts

Our RICK staff team holds industry-leading knowledge and experience in stormwater regulations. Our team works relentlessly to stay on the forefront of new requirements for construction and industrial stormwater. RICK staff members regularly present at regional workshops and seminars, participate and chair technical advisory committees, and conduct training for industry and municipal employees. Our staff members also have key certifications and registrations, including QSP, QSD, QISP, ToR, CPESC, CESSWI, and CISEC.

Comprehensive Stormwater Services

RICK offers a full suite of construction and industrial storm water services, including the following:

Industrial General Permit (IGP) Storm Water Strategies

RICK has worked with clients to identify and implement storm water solutions to reduce pollutants in runoff and bring facilities back into a baseline status. Cost-efficient solutions typically begin with an audit of the facility’s layout and operational practices. The audit may identify refinements to the site layout and/or the operational practices that result in pollution reductions and compliance goals. Such refinements will be appropriately documented in the facility report in order to demonstrate the compliance pathway has been implemented.

IGP Permanent Structural Best Management Practices

In some cases, despite implementation of source control BMPs (e.g., good housekeeping), sampling results may be above the Numeric Action Level (NAL) values identified in Table 2 of the IGP for certain constituents. As dictated by the IGP, when source control BMPs don’t fully achieve the compliance goals (i.e., NALs), the facility may be required to implement structural BMPs. RICK's Water Resources Division has extensive experience with design, construction support, and maintenance support of structural BMPs implemented to improve water quality. It is critical that the appropriate structural BMP be selected and designed, considering the pollutant of concern, concentration, drainage area, site characteristics, and existing infrastructure. Structural BMPs that may be implemented to achieve compliance goals include the following:


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