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Landscape Architecture Services

Regionally Appropriate, Aesthetically Pleasing, Universally Accessible Designs

RICK believes in developing beautiful, sustainable spaces for people to enjoy. We create aesthetically-pleasing, safe, accessible, and functional landscape designs that are responsive to the objectives and requirements of both the client and the end user. Daily collaboration with internal planning, civil engineering, water resources, environmental, and survey teams provide our landscape architects with a holistic understanding in order to seamlessly integrate nature into their designs.

Focus on Sustainability

RICK is committed to creating resilient designs that respect the environment. Our licensed landscape architects incorporate design principles that promote social, economic, and ecological sustainability. Many of our staff are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-accredited professionals. We regularly deliver designs incorporating low-impact development practices, resulting in projects that are not only beautiful, but fiscally and environmentally appropriate.

Well-Rounded Landscape Services

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