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Honoring the Memory of Bill Rohal

RICK Engineering in Riverside is saddened to announce the passing of Associate Bill Rohal. Bill will be missed tremendously by his family, coworkers, and friends.

Born in 1956 and raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Bill joined the United States Marine Corps in 1973 and served his country for four years. Shortly after the service, he started his surveying career with a company laying out miles of gas pipeline in Texas. During the 1980s, Bill was employed by Riverside County as a map checker, where he began to build on what would become decades of knowledge. He started at RICK on July 17, 1995, and was employed with the company for over 28 years.


Bill was respected and deeply valued by the agencies and clients he worked with for his dedication and the care he gave in his work. He was committed to excellence, and his surveying knowledge was vast. Not only did Bill apply his knowledge to numerous projects over the years, but his mentorship left a mark on employees across the company.

“Bill was my go-to for so many things mapping-related, office-related, and life-related. He was an all-around great guy. I could go to him with any question, and together we would come up with a solution. He was always willing to teach what he knew, no matter how many times I asked.”  —Kristin Werksman | RICK Associate


Bill Rohal with Matthew Reiner

“He was always available for teachable moments, and I will be forever grateful for Bill. He was there for me when my dad died, and at that moment, Bill became like a father figure in my surveying career.”  —Matthew Reiner | RICK Field Supervisor

In addition to his work at RICK, Bill was an officer in his local chapter of the California Land Surveyor’s Association and served on the California State Joint Practice Committee, reviewing issues relating to compliance with California surveying rules and regulations. His influence truly impacted people throughout the industry.

Bill was an avid golfer and a Pittsburgh Steelers fan outside of work. Of everything in his life, his children and grandchildren meant the most to him. Bill’s son Frank is also a surveyor and has two children, William (3) and Madilyn (5 months). His daughter Becky is a nurse, and her children are Ryder (15), Brooke (12), Gracie (9), and Axl (3). All of Bill’s coworkers fondly remember how he often shared funny stories of taking Gracie to “kung fu lessons” (karate), tales of skiing adventures, and many videos of William and Axl flying around on little dirt bikes.


Bill, Becky, and Frank Rohal

“My sister and I grew up with him taking us to the beach and playing with us as children. Watching him teach my son and nephew how to play at the beach was amazing.”  —Frank Rohal | RICK Surveyor and Bill Rohal’s Son


“Bill was an excellent father to his daughter Becky and his son Frank, who are both accomplished in their chosen careers. Frank approaches work with a similar personality and work ethic to his father and with a desire to do things right on the first try. Becky has done just as well in the nursing field. Bill was immensely proud of his kids and his grandkids; I think he would say his kids are his greatest accomplishment.”  Don Woolley | Former RICK Vice President


“Bill was the person you knew you could have an honest, entertaining conversation with, and spending time with him was easy. He had a kind heart, and he loved his kids and grandkids. Bill was not just a coworker; he was a friend—a friend I feel blessed to have known and will truly miss.”  —Kristin Gendron | RICK Human Resources Manager


As we mourn the loss of Bill here at RICK, we’ve been swapping stories and celebrating the inspiring legacy he’s left behind. In every conversation had, in every project completed, and in every joke shared, his memory continues to put smiles on our faces.


“I’ve known Bill since I started with RICK in 1999, so a very long time. We enjoyed sharing stories about our children and grandchildren. Over the years I worked with him, we saw our kids grow up, we became grandparents, and we looked forward to retirement. He always had a good story to tell, and his delivery made me laugh every time.”  —Kathy Barosko | RICK Administrative Manager


Bill and the Riverside Survey team

“Lately, when I arrive at the office in the morning and look over to where Bill used to sit, I’m reminded of how he brightened up our Monday mornings. Part way through the morning while everyone worked and you could hear a grumble or two around the office, Bill would come over and show us videos and pictures of weekend events with his family and grandchildren. It was always fun to watch them, and they put a smile on my face. I have great memories of his stories with family, grandchildren, and golf. Bill, thank you kindly for the good years. I will miss you. Rest in peace, my friend.”  Darla Clauson | RICK Principal Survey Analyst


RICK will forever cherish the impact Bill made here, and we hope to honor his memory by emulating the qualities that made him exceptional.

To our clients, partners, and team members who have offered their condolences, thank you for your kind words.