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Looking for Hands-On Internship Experience? Here’s Why You Should Consider RICK.

For several years, RICK has hired incredible interns across our disciplines and office locations, and more than 90% of them become full-time employees at the company. We often connect with interns through partnerships with local universities like San Diego State University (SDSU) and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, by attending career fairs like the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, and through employee involvement with the American Public Works Association (APWA) internship interview panel.

It is our honor to work with incredibly bright individuals who represent the best of the next generation.

RICK’s interns are offered the chance to jump into a variety of real projects from day one. They’re asked to sit in on staff training, visit job sites, work on plans, and practice project management skills. Not only does this approach offer hands-on learning experience, but it gives interns an opportunity to practice professional collaboration and integrates them as team members into established departments and groups.


“[As an intern], it was inspiring to see aspects of what I was learning being applied in my day-to-day at work. It really helped solidify the foundation of the knowledge. I can confidently say there is no better place to do that than at RICK. There is a unique comradery amongst the employees and the departments. Many of us have started out as interns, so we share that bond and look out for each other.”  Nathan Bennett | RICK Principal Engineering Designer, hired as an Intern in 2016



“My experience at RICK so far has been amazing! Working here has not only solidified my interest in the field but has also provided me with countless mentors I can go to for advice.

To anyone considering applying to RICK, I absolutely recommend it. The experience I have gained working under some of the top engineers in San Diego is worth more than anything I could have learned in a classroom. To add onto that, I would like to emphasize that no matter what year you are in, it’s never too early for an internship. Even if it’s just for the summer, you gain so much more than you would from just a job from working at an engineering firm, especially RICK.”  —Michelle Widelski | Current RICK Intern


Interns often report that the interaction and communication across teams are among the most important experiences from their time as interns. RICK sees value in focusing on relationship building in the workplace, and interns not only find these relationships to provide invaluable opportunities for knowledge sharing, but they also find integrating into RICK’s teams to be the most fun part of their internships.



“Work is work, and some days will be hard, but it’s a lot easier if you’re doing it with someone you enjoy being around. It’s been a really great group; the team has been very supportive, and I can go to everyone to get help.”  Van Bonner | RICK Assistant Engineering Designer, hired as an Intern in 2023




In addition to real-world experience, we also offer training on software programs such as MicroStation/Inroads, AutoCAD/Civil 3D, and GIS to support and equip our interns with tools they were only minimally exposed to in school.



“The number-one thing I learned as an intern was how to use and navigate MicroStation. In school, the emphasis was all on AutoCAD, so getting to learn MicroStation as an intern helped me seamlessly transition into being a full-time employee.”  Marvin Luluquisen | RICK Assistant Engineering Designer, hired as an Intern in 2022




“When you begin as an intern, it is understood that you do not know much and that what you learn at school barely touches the surface of what engineers at RICK do on a daily basis. You are not hired based on the specific classes you took in college, but rather what you did while at college that shows your ability to overcome adversity, your ability to learn, and your determination to advance and ultimately to be an excellent engineer.”
Nick Dorner | RICK Associate, hired as an intern in 2011



While a jump-right-in approach can seem intimidating to students at first, especially with complicated software and a wide variety of project types, you would be hard-pressed to find an intern at RICK who doesn’t feel completely supported and comfortable making mistakes as they start the journey.


“The number one thing I’ve learned is that it’s okay to not be perfect. We as engineers must be precise but not perfect. To put it simply, there are multiple ways to peel an orange. RICK has a system of checks and balances in place to catch mistakes or to have others mentor you when you feel deficient in a certain skill area. We are only human and far from perfect.”  —Nathan Bennett


“My experience as an intern was a little nerve-wracking at first. It was my first internship, and it was definitely intimidating working and learning under engineers who had been in the industry for many years, but I had a great experience and everyone at RICK I interacted with was kind, supportive, and willing to take time out of their day to help teach and mentor me to become a better engineer. I would advise new RICK interns to not be afraid. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not be afraid to fail. Do not be afraid to be curious and inquisitive.

I knew that by joining RICK, I would have opportunities for advancement and that no one would be holding me back from moving up at the speed I expected to, as long as II was willing to put in the work. Everyone at RICK is supportive of each other and helps each other grow. What’s kept me here are the people I get to work with that I consider to be family.” Nick Dorner


One of RICK’s cornerstone values is to empower and celebrate our people, and our internship program is a key component of how we set our employees up for professional success. Thank you to those at RICK who are committed to mentoring and supporting internships, and to our interns who chose to join team RICK—we’re so happy to have you here!