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RICK Hosts APWA Young Professionals Office Crawl Stop


Last week, RICK hosted a stop on the American Public Works Association Young Professionals (APWA YP) Office Crawl route. Our employees enjoyed getting to know 18 bright, young engineering students from around San Diego as they stopped by the RICK office on their tour of 8 local engineering companies.



This is the first time APWA YP has hosted an Office Crawl in San Diego, so RICK was excited to be a part of starting the tradition off with a bang.

RICK APWA YP members Andrew Thies and Sal Galvan, along with RICK Principal Project Engineer Rebecca Morris, organized an afternoon presentation in the San Diego office courtyard designed to accurately portray what differentiates the RICK experience: our people-focused culture.



APWA YP San Diego Office Crawl Route



When the students arrived, Eric Hengesbaugh shared what RICK’s Cultural Habits are all about. He explained the ways RICK invests in its work culture and why.

“At RICK, it’s relationship over task. We focus on exceptional relationships so we can create exceptional projects.”  —Eric Hengesbaugh | RICK Water Resources Assistant Project Engineer


Students then had a chance to enjoy snacks and participate in presentations from three of our in-house departments. GIS/Laser Scanning staff showcased some of the technology and web apps we use at RICK to create digital twins. Water Resources team members showed videos showcasing modeling capabilities their department uses, and the Civil/Public works team shared a few exciting projects they’ve worked on recently.



“I really enjoyed talking with the students. It was cool to see their eyes light up when they saw the projects we’ve been working on. They seemed to really enjoy being able to come by and see what working for us is really like.”  —Andrew Thies | RICK Principal Water Resources Manager


With students from anywhere from their second to fourth year of college in attendance, engagement was high, and students were eager to learn about what their futures in engineering might look like. At each presentation station, students asked insightful, advanced questions.


“It was very fun getting to talk to the students. They were super engaged and had great questions; their knowledge was impressive!”  —Carlee Hasenin Rohr | RICK Associate Water Resources Designer

RICK is grateful for continuing opportunities to invest in the next generation of engineers, and we are encouraged and inspired by the potential they have for making a lasting impact in our local communities. A special thank you to all the APWA YP chapter members who made the APWA Office Crawl possible.