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Mikala Randich Joins RICK as GIS Asset Manager

To best align with the needs of our clients, RICK’s GIS team recently welcomed Mikala Randich as GIS Asset Manager. Mikala brings municipal and federal GIS and asset management expertise to RICK; she specializes in integrating spatial data and asset management software systems to efficiently analyze a range of assets, including stormwater infrastructure, roads, right-of-way, sidewalks, and more.

Mikala developed her interest in mapping from an early age, and her passion for using maps to help people understand their environment stayed with her.

“As a child, I demanded to oversee the Disney World map and would spend more of the day at the Park staring at the map than enjoying the attractions. I loved matching up the landmarks and directing my family where to go according to the map. I like to think this is where I first became interested in GIS. 

I find this profession to be so important because nearly everything we do has a ‘where’ component: where we live, where we work, where we eat, where our projects are, where everything is in our environment, and the paths we take to get there. So much information can be gleaned from analyzing our surroundings in different ways, and there is always something new to learn.”  —Mikala Randich | RICK GIS Asset Manager


In her role here at RICK, Mikala concentrates on creating successful end-to-end products for clients, including efficient field data collection, technological data integrations, extensive support documentation, and seamless product delivery. Using ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s ArcGIS suite, and individual client unique asset management programs, Mikala uses her background in analyzing data to support clients with asset management planning and optimization through spatial analysis. For example, she’s been working with RICK’s Water Resources team to develop maintenance plan routes for efficient inspection of local pipelines, optimizing public works vehicle routing and using inspection data to communicate maintenance recommendations via an interactive dashboard.


 Interactive dashboard example


Mikala is also focused on supporting the GIS department’s long-term growth and development by assisting with the department’s six-month strategic plan and developing a five-year business development plan. She is excited to share her vision for the advancement of the department and determine how best to extend its valuable products to both internal and external clients.

As a highly collaborative expert, Mikala shares innovations, lessons learned, and best practices with other experts in the public works and geospatial fields and has presented on GIS/asset management projects at the ESRI User Conference and the Public Works Expo at the San Diego Convention Center.

“I’ve already enjoyed working with everybody on my team and other RICK teams. Everyone is focused on the product for the client. Not only have people been kind and welcoming, but I am thoroughly impressed with how excellent everybody is at what they do.”  —Mikala Randich

Mikala’s dedication to an excellent work product is already inspiring teams across RICK, and we’re thrilled to have her on board. Welcome, Mikala!