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RICK Announces Refreshed Brand & Dynamic Vision for the Future


New logo, new look, new name . . .
same trusted team.


RICK’s dedication to the clients, communities, and industries we serve is unwavering and at the center of all we do. In alignment with that commitment, we’re evolving to meet the challenges, needs, advancements, and opportunities of the future.

As we move forward, so does our brand identity and our strategic vision, so we are pleased to share some exciting new changes and directions for the next chapter.



RICK’s Refreshed Brand: A New Look & An Evolved Name

Why did we choose to refresh the RICK brand? We know our clients and communities are experiencing constant change, and so adapting to changing needs and evolving ourselves illustrates our commitment to action and progress. Our purposefully selected new look and defined set of values reflects our forward evolution, who we are, and how we best serve our clients, our communities, and our employees.

Our new brand features the following:

  • A fresh, new logo illustrating our commitment to innovation, expertise, culture, and service now serves as our company’s flagship symbol.
  • Bold, modern colors for our brand now paint our forward-thinking mission, vision, and values.
  • A reflection of our expansion beyond only engineering, we’ve adapted an inclusive, evolved name uniting the comprehensive range of disciplines that bring together the power to serve multiple client and project needs with the highest level of collaboration, integration, and innovation. RICK Engineering is now RICK.

At RICK, we work rigorously to deliver what our clients need and to go above and beyond. We understand a client’s vision, pull from all our departments, and employ expertise from the best and the brightest; our people elevate us to the next level. The RICK difference provides exceptional value through dynamic and transformative solutions, and our new brand showcases that dedication.



Our Strategic Plan: Propelling Us Into the Future

With our Strategic Plan, we have a clear vision of where we are going. The plan features three bold steps for action: Focused & Inspirational Growth, Transformation Through Technology, and Accelerating Culture, Community, and Wellness. We strive to inspire people to want to work with us—and to work for us—based on the power and passion behind our vision, vision themes, and our three bold steps.


Our mission is what we live out and strive for every day for all we serve:

“We partner with clients to create resilient communities and infrastructure through innovative and dynamic solutions.”


Our vision reflects what we drive toward continuously, and it provides the inspiration and motivation fueling us along the path to meet our Strategic Plan goals:

“We empower our thriving, talented team to deliver leading-edge, trusted solutions and foster meaningful relationships.”


Our core values define who we are and how we serve. They provide motivational direction for our team, foster trust and understanding for our clients, and reflect dedication to our communities and the industry. RICK’s core values include the following:


  • Ignite with Passion (be innovative)
  • Place Clients at the Heart (be trusted partners)
  • Cultivate Curiosity and Diversity (take inspiration from all sources)
  • Empower and Celebrate Our People (have the talent of our people shine)



The Journey Ahead

What excites us most moving forward is having a clear vision, both accomplished and upcoming leadership in our teams, and ever-expanding opportunities beyond where we are now. Our refreshed brand, vision, mission, and values all elevate how we show up for our clients, our projects, our communities, and our team members. Much of what we do is making a difference in our communities and beyond, and we’re honored to be the trusted team for all client and project needs—as one Team RICK.


“I know that RICK is poised for incredible growth and change as we launch our Strategic Plan and step into the next era of our company. With an incredible legacy behind us, a talented and passionate team of employees, and a strong vision, we needed our brand to demonstrate our commitment to innovate and evolve. I am so excited to be launching such a pivotal advancement for our company.” — Brooke Peterson, Principal | Planning + Design and Brand Refresh Committee Chair


We look forward to partnering with you on this dynamic journey!


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