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Reflections & Insights from the NSBE Convention Career Fair

RICK was honored to be a part of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Annual Convention Career Fair last week in Anaheim, CA. Our team members immersed themselves in the busy, high-energy event, excited to meet hundreds of accomplished students and engineers in the industry. It was amazing to be surrounded by bright individuals from across the nation and some of the most influential engineers in the industry, reminding us of how incredible it is to work in the STEM field and to interact with all levels of engineers and prospective engineers.


“We had such an amazing time speaking to such enthusiastic, driven students and fellow professionals at the NSBE conference! This was my first two-day event. It was crazy to see how accomplished some of these people are so early in their professional careers, and so fulfilling potentially having a small part in advancing them toward their goals. This is exactly what we need more of in the industry.” —Allyson Serafico-Tran, PE, Project Engineer


The event hall was filled with interactive and eye-catching booths and exhibits, providing both students and professionals with multiple opportunities to expand their knowledge about what the STEM field has to offer in unique ways. The attendance also proved very impressive. Our team met a few NSBE leaders, and they shared an incredible convention attendance number of over 9,400 people. The RICK booth was continuously active and filled with enthusiastic, eager students in civil engineering, urban planning, transportation engineering, and more. Team RICK engaged in conversations focused on why we enjoy working for RICK, the team environment, what our day-to-day jobs are like, what drew us into the field, our personal experiences, and RICK’s mentorship offerings. It was so impressive to see how accomplished so many of the attendees were, even early in their professional careers. We also met several professionals in the engineering community, and shared insights on the industry, potential career moves to RICK, and our goals for career candidates. Attendees hailed from across the country, and several of them were from the East Coast or Midwest, but enthusiastic about making a move to the West Coast for career opportunities like those at RICK.


“I would love to attend more NSBE conventions in the future and found it to be extremely fulfilling for me. The energy was so impactful, and you could see and feel how supportive everyone was toward each other, at all career and collegiate levels. Being able to step away from the hustle and bustle of the office environment and constantly reiterate what it is I love about RICK really reinforced why I work for this company.” —Alejandra Quesada, EIT, Assistant Project Manager


RICK is so grateful for the opportunity to be involved in this highly successful event and for the immense number of valuable connections we made, both with students and industry professionals. We look forward to the possibilities of bringing some of these bright and motivated individuals into our RICK company culture and our exciting project work to enhance RICK as a whole and make a difference in communities.